Earth 222

Introductory Oceanography (Formerly listed as GEOSCI 222)

This course is cross-listed as ENVIRON 232

3 credit course, with optional 1 credit laboratory course EARTH 223/ENVIRON 233
Next offered in Winter 2020

This is an introductory undergraduate course. This course is taught every academic semester, with an average enrollment of about 150 students per semester. I alternate semesters with Professor Sierra Petersen. The accompanying 1 credit laboratory course EARTH 223/ENVIRON 233 is not required, but is highly recommended.  Michela Arnaboldi covered the class during Winter 2018/2019, while I was on sabbatical/modified duties.

Past and current offerings:

Fall 2011, Winter 2013, Winter 2014, Winter 2015, Winter 2016, Winter 2017

Course Description

This course explores the Earth’s oceans in terms of geological, chemical, physical, and biological oceanography, with emphasis on understanding the oceans as an integrated system. We study the processes that form ocean basins, the forces that govern ocean circulation, the physical and chemical properties that influence the distribution of life, and the adaptation of organisms to their aquatic environment. We will also discuss the ocean’s role in mitigating global change and the consequences for oceanic ecosystems and human society.