Book Chapters

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I have published three book chapters in my career.

Contributing author to “Chapter 5:  Changing ocean, marine ecosystems, and dependent communities.”  Coordinating lead authors:  N.L. Bindoff, W.W.L. Cheung, and J.G. Kairo.  13 lead authors.  74 contributing authors including B.K. Arbic. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate, September 2019.

Arbic, B.K., M.H. Alford, J.K. ANSONG, M.C. Buijsman, R.B. Ciotti, J.T. Farrar, R.W. Hallberg, C.E. Henze, C.N. Hill, C.A. LUECKE, D. Menemenlis, E.J. Metzger, M. MüLLERA.D. NELSON, B.C. Nelson, H.E. Ngodock, R.M. Ponte, J.G. Richman, A.C. SAVAGE, R.B. Scott, J.F. Shriver, H.L. Simmons, I. Souopgui, P.G. TIMKO, A.J. Wallcraft, L. Zamudio, and Z. Zhao (2018), A primer on global internal tide and internal gravity wave continuum modeling in HYCOM and MITgcm. In New frontiers in operational oceanography, E. Chassignet, A. Pascual, J. Tintore, and J. Verron, Eds., GODAE OceanView, 307-392,

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Dickson, B., J. Hurrell, N. Bindoff, A. Wong, B. Arbic, W.B. Owens, S. Imakawi, and I. Yashayev (2001), The world during WOCE. In Ocean circulation and climate, edited by G. Siedler, J. Church, and J. Gould, Academic Press, London, pp. 557-583.